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David Bowie, RCA Music Original Cover Art for Man Who Fell to Earth 1977


RCA Music for 

David Bowie 

Original cover art for David Bowie, 1977

Man Who Fell to Earth & LOW


RCA Original cover art for David Bowie 

The Man Who Fell to Earth

18.25" h x 17.25"w image

28"h x 20"w board

This artwork is printed inside a giant printing notebook for the print maker. Extremely unique piece of Rock n Roll history. Vibrant colors.  Excellent condition

Pre-production art for the RCA Videodisc cover for "The Man Who Fell to Earth", photographic print or dye transfer of Bowie and Earth, with air-brushed orange background added, glued to backing board, 

The artwork is in excellent condition but the board has stains and wear.

David Bowie, Pop Star, Pop Art, Warhol, Banksy, Keith Haring, Basquiat

Bedford Art Gallery Collection

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